Interview with Blogger Han (Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters)

Tell us a little bit about you and your blog –

I’m a 21 year old Dystonia-sufferer, a feminist, a major happiness-seeker, an avid tea-drinker and a hot mess. I’ve been blogging for over 7 years but founded Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters in 2017. It’s a place for me to share my journey and help other people who, like me, also have absolutely no fucking clue what they’re doing in life.

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Who are 3 bloggers you think everyone should follow?

I religiously follow quite a few bloggers but if I had to choose just 3, it’d have to be – Booking Good Read, Soinspo and you, obvs.

What’s your main blog goal for 2019?

I would love to double my exposure. I want to reach more people and make a positive impression on them.

Where do you find your blogging inspiration?

There’s a few ways I can tap into inspiration for my blog, it all depends on what I’m writing. If it’s a mental health post, inspiration usually comes from my own personal life or the people around me. If it’s a feminism post, it usually stems from me being triggered by an incident in the media, usually by a certain d-head on GMB. Then my self care, dating and sex posts usually come from happiness in my relationship and my own self-confidence at the time. I open myself up to inspiration anywhere in life.

If you could pick one blog niche, what would it be?

This is a hard one because I write about so much. Right now it’d be a dating/relationships/sex niche. I’m really feeling those posts at the minute; I’m having so much fun writing them.

What does your blog set up usually look like?

Sitting on the couch with my laptop and notes on my lap, with my dog slowly nudging it all so that he can sit on me. I definitely need to buy a desk this year!

Why did you first start blogging?

Originally it was because you started blogging and it looked fun. I should probably tell your readers that you’re my cousin, otherwise it just sounds like I’ve been stalking you for 7 years. Then I started Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters because I wanted to write about the real shit in my life but I was too scared to have my identity attached to it.

What is your dream collaboration?

I’m very cautious when it comes to collaborations. I’d love to be able to work with a charity like Mind or The Dystonia Society, but that probably won’t happen until I’m a little more known.

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