Binge Worthy TV Series / Collaboration with Han

I’m thinking about all of the TV series that I’d rather be binge-watching than be back to the grind today. The last bank holiday is over until Christmas. Yes, I said it. Christmas. The rain is back and Autumn is approaching. Me and Han know exactly what you need this Tuesday. Some binge worthy TV series inspiration. Am I right? When I get home from work tonight, you can guarantee that I’ll be getting comfy in bed with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watching something absolutely binge-worthy.

Binge worthy TV series

Binge Worthy TV Series / Collaboration with Han

1) Power

After hearing mixed opinions on this series, I gave it a watch for myself. I’m completely hooked and pretty disappointed that I’m up to date and can no longer binge-watch it. I’m currently having to wait for an episode a week. One of my pet hates.

2) Game of Thrones

This is definitely one of the most binge-worthy TV series I’ve ever watched. I remember watching it with John back to back for the whole day. We only moved for food. It only took us 2 weeks to watch two seasons. Maybe more to be honest.

3) Friends

We all either watch friends back to back occasionally or know someone who does. It’s timeless and SO binge-worthy. I could have seen the same episode 100 times and still laugh.

4) How to Get Away with Murder

This is next on my binge-list, I’m sure I’ll be hooked in no time. I’ve heard it’s a TV series that you can’t help but binge watch.

5) Suits

Another one that I actually haven’t started to watch yet.The reason I haven’t is because I just know I’ll love it. I honestly haven’t had the time to binge watch something in weeks. Today could be the day I give this a whirl.

6) Unsolved

This is one which I didn’t even think I’d binge watch but me and my boyfriend watched it all over one weekend. It’s all about the investigation of Biggie and Tupac. Granted, it’s not something I thought I’d be hooked on when I first starting watching but I was definitely finding myself wanting to watch the next episode asap.

7) Desperate Housewives

I’m late to the party on this one. I watched it last year and was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode to start. I was talking about it in work and everyone had already seen it. If you haven’t – I would recommend it. It’s far fetched but keeps you on your toes.

8) Making a Murderer

This is documentary not a TV series but it is SO binge-worthy and gripping. When I was watching it, it was such an emotional roller-coaster.

So yeah, these are my top picks for binge worthy TV series. Me and Han collaborated – check out her post if you can. She binge-watches more than me (Her list is probably better than mine). I know that she added Gossip Girl and I can’t believe I never included this. It’s only one of my favourite TV series to binge watch. Trust me to forget it. That’s the fun thing about collaborating – you get two takes on the same subject! I posted yesterday in case you missed it – Best RT Accounts for Blog Promo Tweets on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by – I hope you stay a while.

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