10 Ways I Practice Self-Care and Mindfulness

Self-care has never been so important. In this modern world we’re surrounded by unrealistic expectations. It’s important for us not to lose ourselves trying to please others. I recently found this out the hard way after having a bad time personally. I vow to never lose my self again and here’s some of the ways that are helping me.
Self care and mindfulness
Eat Berries
Berries actually help with anxiety. I often have blackberries in a yogurt for my breakfast. I’d recommend blackberries to anyone who suffers with anxiety.

I love all kinds of genres depending what mood I’m in, from old school R&B to Motown. Sometimes I’ll listen to one song and keep it on repeat. Did you read my post on the sleep playlist I have?

Someone recommended I download “Calm” and I use it daily now. I find it helps me to focus or relax. Mediation has so many benefits.

Drinking Water
It doesn’t just help your skin but your digestion too. I always have a bottle of water in my hand these days. It helps me shine from within.

Skincare routine
Morning and night – I wash, cleanse and moisturize my skin. I love no makeup days, which doesn’t have to be only of a Thursday like Jess Glynne. Let your skin breathe as many days as you can.

I’m far from an artist but I’ve always loved drawing. When I get bored instead of reaching for my phone I reach for a pen and paper.

Getting off my phone
Lately I very rarely browse social media. It just doesn’t help with my mental health. I got rid of my blog’s Instagram and I enter competitions on my blog’s twitter account.

I enjoy my blog because it helps me to get my feelings out. I also write my feeling in a daily diary – if you don’t have a blog this could help you.


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