Think Red, it’s festive

Congrats. It’s Christmas eve, we made it. Get your baileys out and sit and observe your not-so perfect wrapping. Put your favourite Christmas records on full. Even though you’ve heard Last Christmas a million times. Unless you’ve played the Last Christmas game where you try not to hear the classic Wham! until Christmas Day.

I usually save a few presents to wrap on Christmas Eve so I can enjoy wrapping them with a Baileys. Am I the only one? Probably not.

I spend Christmas Eve mostly in my PJ’s, I’m not actually wearing this outfit today. It’s such a festive look though so I wanted to save the post for closer to Christmas.

red jumper

Red jumper ~ Lasula
Trousers ~ New Look
Flat Cap ~ TK Maxx
Trainers ~ Boohoo

red jumper

I hope tomorrow is filled with glorious food and drinks. Most of all I hope you all have someone to spend the day with. Whether it be family or friends. I will be spending tomorrow with my family and Johns family. Gift giving galore.

P.S. Dear Santa, I’ve been extra nice this year.

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