Sunday Walks FT. Femme Luxe Refinery (*)

After my first day back to work on Friday which went well, I was looking forward to a fresh Sunday. No hangover or headache. My Sunday’s are normally spent visiting family and of course involving a Sunday roast dinner. Although during December I try not to eat a roast dinner so that come Christmas I’m super excited for the roast. What’s your favourite winter warmer meal? Mine definitely is a roast or a good pan of stew. My favourite thing on a roast dinner is the pigs in blankets. What’s yours?

Today I went to visit my Mum and we took a little trip to the park. The weather was on my side for a change – YAY. It wasn’t too cold or windy. It was the perfect opportunity to wear my new knitted dress which was gifted by Femma Luxe Refinery.

I matched this stunning knitted dress with a pair of thick tights and my new Moschino bag which was a present from my boyfriend for my birthday. I recently turned 24… I actually posted some things that I’ve learnt in my twenties which is worth a read. Head over after this post if you have time.

I’m loving being 24 so far, I feel like I’m finally an adult. Who’d of thought it? I’m so ready for my own house and a life with my boyfriend. Nothing else really matters to me at the minute. I feel fully grown which I’ve never felt before. I’m looking forward to what obstacles being 24 brings me. Surely, 2019 can’t be worse than 2018. I’ve got a feeling that 2019 is my year to shine. 2018 for me was filled with tears and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

Sunday Walks FT. Femme Luxe Refinery

Femme luxe finery Femme luxe finery

Dress – Femme Luxe Refinery
Tight – George at Asda
Boots – Primark
Bag – Moschino

I’m totally in love with the dress that I was gifted. It super comfy and snug. I love the belt as it pulls in my waist. In my opinion it is the perfect dress to have in your winter wardrobe. They have this dress in a range of colours. I’ve got my eye on the same style in brown – it’s just so beautiful. With Christmas around the corner I might treat myself to a dress. From me to me and all that. I find this dress so flattering and pretty – big thanks to Femma Luxe Refinery.

All that I’ve been eating is chocolate and this dress hides my lumps and bumps. Who doesn’t overload on chocolate during winter though? I’m so bad for it. I’m not even sorry because I love it. The boots I’m wearing are so comfy, I got them from Primark. I can’t remember how much they were but they weren’t expensive. I love them.

Femma Luxe Refinery gifted me another dress which I will be posting about next Sunday – keep an eye out for it! It’s just as lovely as this one. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen it already. I’d never heard of Femme Luxe Refinery until they emailed me. I’m so glad I found out about them. I’ll be ordering from them as their range is amazing. You can see some of their amazing clothes on Instagram by using the hashtag – #LUXEGAL.

After my little walk in the park with my Mum, I had a cup of tea and then started blogging. I’ve made a new Instragram for my blog, make sure you’re following to stay up to date – Life Of Amy. The rest of my Sunday is going to be spent chilling out. I might make a hot chocolate and watch a Christmas film. I started to watch “A Wonderful Life” last night – it’s an old classic black and white film. So, that’ll be me for the rest of the day. Hot chocolate and films – that’s what December is about right? It is for me anyway.

If you liked this post please let me know in the comments below – I’d just love to hear from you. Also – from my house to your house – Merry Christmas!

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