Last January I Gave you My Heart

It’s been too long. No seriously, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. My bad. I would apologise but then again I won’t because there’s this thing called life. Mine can be hectic and honestly this is the first time in months that I can actually sit down and write something. Life lately has been mostly makeup related, I’ve been working on my Instagram page but seem to be getting nowhere fast. I’ve decided to add outfit posts in to spruce it up. Have a little peek, if you geta minute.

Moving swiftly on, I’m sharing how I spent my January last year. Snippets from my diary. A full month coverage on my day to day life back nearly a year ago. Then come this January, I can look back and reflect on how my life had changed in a year.

It’s also so I can keep a check on my mental health. I hope you find this post a little different.

Tuesday 1st ~ Today was spent mostly chilled out

Wednesday 2nd ~ Same again

Thursday 3rd ~ Today was spent in work. (Which I work as an administrative assistant). After work I chilled and watched peaky blinders.

Friday 4th ~ Another day at the office. Afterwards I visited my cousin with my boyfriend. We got a dominos. Then I went to my mums house. I got a bath and listened to Drake. There’s a note in my diary that says I feel happy.

Saturday 5th ~ Today I woke up and had chocolate. Okay, sounds like a perfect morning. The next note in my diary says I need to stop that but now I’m thinking why would I ever stop that?

Sunday 6th ~ Today I woke up and entered some competitions then got dressed and went for a walk with my boyfriend. We had a roast dinner then visited my mum and my best friend Laurie. I commented on some other blogs. The last note in my diary on this day says “I feel at ease”.

Monday 7th ~ Back in work, I bought a magazine to read on lunch hour. I had tea in my mums. I entered some competitions. (Side note, let me know if you would like me to do competition win round ups?) I enjoyed a face mask then meditated.

Tuesday 8th ~ Work, work, work. I entered more competitions and then cleaned my makeup brushes. The end note says “I feel amazing.”

Wednesday 9th ~ Today was work free because I was in the middle of a makeup course to help me get my confidence back up. I went the doctors and had a little cry. Soothing for the soul as they say. Another night having tea in my mums. I entered more competitions.

Thursday 10th ~ Today I went to work, after that I had tea in my mums again. I wish I would have wrote what I ate I feel like this would be more interesting. I put fake tan on, entered competitions and then meditated.

Friday 11th ~ Apparently work flew by on this day. I came home and got ready for a night out in Ormskirk with my cousin and her boyfriend.

Saturday 12th ~ A McDonalds breakfast kind of morning. I woke up feeling sad today. Probably due to the binge drinking the night before. Oops. I watched The Vampire Diaries with my Mum. I wrote that I want to eat cleaner.

Sunday 13th ~ Another day of waking up feeling sad. I meditated which helped. Most of today was spent with my mum, again watching The Vampire Diaries.

Monday 14th ~ Today I was in work, I got the bus and listened to my music. After work I had a driving lesson. Then had spaghetti bolognese in my mums. Then went home and got a shower and chilled out.

Tuesday 15th ~ I had a nice day at work. Me and john ordered a pizza and John got a new job. Yay. I won a turtle ornament. Which I gave to my sister when it got delivered.

Wednesday 16th ~ This was another day at the makeup course, we learnt how to do a bridal look. I got a subway then came back home and watched TV.

Thursday 17th ~ Another day at the office. I was tired on this day and got an early night.

Friday 18th ~ Work, which was a fast day. Me and John had a little drink. I got a back massage from my sister (She’s qualified btw.)

Saturday 19th ~ The morning was spent entering competitions. In the night me and John had drinks with his sister.

Sunday 20th ~ After I got ready, I spent the day in my mums watching The Vampire Diaries and entering competitions. I slept over in my mums.

Monday 21st ~ Today I woke up and got dressed for work. I had a nice day considering it was “Blue Monday”. I won a Soap and Glory set. Then I entered more competitions.

Tuesday 22nd ~ Today I went to work, I felt like myself. I came home, had dinner and then had a driving lesson.

Wednesday 23rd ~ I really enjoyed Wednesday’s last January because of the makeup course I was on. After the course, I went the doctors for a catch up on how I’ve been feeling. In the evening me and John went to the driving range. I entered some competitions again and chilled out.

Thursday 24th ~ Work again which was good. Afterwards me and John went the Aldi, I cooked for him. Again, competition time. I felt really good on this day.

Friday 25th ~ Apparently I loved work today. We had drinks in his sisters and stayed over.

Sunday 26th ~ Today I visited my Mum and took some pictures for my blog. I had a roast dinner, which was lovely.

Monday 28th ~ day in the office and then spent with my Mum.

Tuesday 29th ~ Today I was in work, afterwards me and John had “Scouse” for tea. Which is basically a stew for non-Liverpool readers.

Wednesday 30th ~ The makeup course today was mostly paperwork. I came home and watched the originals.

Thursday 31st ~ Today was a sick day, so no work, just bed.

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