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5 of The Most Useful and Best Apps to Use When Blogging

Another Sunday means another day of blogging for me. Does anyone else LOVE having a day to catch up with blogging? No work, no social obligations. I just love it. It has nothing to do with wearing PJ’s all day. (Okay, maybe it’s mostly that!). You may have noticed that my blog has had a little make-over. This is thanks to the lovely Audrey for giving my blog an audit. I’ve tweaked here and tweaked there – I’m pretty please with it. I’ve added a “contact me” page and I’ve updated my “about” page. I feel like my blog is growing day by day. This week has been so productive considering that I was so sick on Wednesday and Thursday. The main reason I’ve been so productive is because I’ve found the best apps to assist me when blogging. I thought I’d share them with you. I hope you find this post useful. Here’s 5 of the best apps to use when blogging:


Best Apps to use when blogging

Best Apps to Use When Blogging

– Hootsuite

Scheduling tweets has always been one of the biggest chores for me when blogging. I work full-time but I love to keep my social media accounts active even though I’m busy. I use this app to send the odd quote but mostly I stick to promotional posts. What I like most about Hootsuite: It’s straight-forward and there’s a free version. You can attach photographs to posts and add a range of social media accounts.

– Canva

I’d say this is the most versatile blogging app that I’ve ever used. Whether you want to jazz up your twitter header, create your own quotes or make phone wallpapers. Canva is your creative platform to do it. What I like most about Canva: It allows me to create content for social media accounts that I’ve never been great at using. For example – an App like Pinterest, I’ve never managed to find an easy way to utilize it. Canva is the platform that changed this for me. If you’re going to try one app on the list – try this. I actually used Canva recently to create phone wallpapers and they were really popular.


Editing photos on my phone makes my life as a blogger so much easier. I normally edit on my way to work and on my lunch hour. What I like most about VSCO: The white balance feature. It’s so easy to use. I really like how this app can transform an ordinary photo into a vibrant, beautiful one.

Before editing with VSCO:

Best apps to use when blogging

After editing with VSCO:

Best apps to use when blogging


– Afterlight

This is another photo editing app that I would highly recommend. A blogger can never have too many photo-editing apps after all! What I like about Afterlight: It’s easy to use and there’s a range of filters if you’re looking for a quick edit. A lot of bloggers have recommended this app.

– Pinterest

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only recently learnt how to utilize this app and I’m really enjoying it. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert just yet though so if you have any posts on Pinterest – I would love to read them so leave me the link in the comments! What I like about Pinterest: How much it inspires me. It’s definitely an app designed to get your creative juices flowing.



So, there’s my list of best apps to use when blogging. I hope you found this post helpful. Also – Let me know if you’ve tried any of these apps and which apps you’d recommend.


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  1. I absolutely love this list. I’m definitely going to download the hootsuite app – I need to keep on top of my tweets. It’ll save so much time!

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