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7 Blog Post Ideas That Will Generate Traffic

Blog Post Ideas that will generate traffic

Today’s post will be short, sweet and to the point. Not only will this post help you with your writers block but hopefully it will help drive more traffic to your blog. Two birds, one stone and all that jazz. I’ve listed 7 blog post ideas that will generate traffic.

Blog Post Ideas That Will Generate Traffic

    Get specific on this one. Instead of listing your favourite quotes, try postings “10 of the Best Travel Quotes” which is bound to generate more traffic because it’s way more specific. I find myself looking for new quotes all of the time. When I do, you can guarantee that I’ll find new and amazing blogs to read. Be the next new and amazing blog that people find.
  2. Honest Reviews –
    Personally, when I’m looking to buy a product that I haven’t tried – I always research online for some honest reviews by other bloggers. If you’re debating on reviewing a product that you either loved or hated because you’re unsure if anyone would be interested in reading it – believe me there is someone searching for an honest review.
  3. Blogging Tips –
    Whether a blogger is fresh on the scene or has been around for years, tips and tricks come in handy. In the past reading tips have actually helped me get my blogging “mojo” back. Posting tips does not mean you think that you’re the best of the best. It just a way of sharing what has personally helped you and could potentially help another blogger.
  4. Lists –
    Lists are my go-to when I’m having a little bit of a writing block. They’re easy, fun and quick to write. You can list anything. List Unforgettable Place to Travel. List movies you love, movies you hated. I seriously could go on and on.
  5. Social Media – 
    We’re all addicted to some kind of social media aren’t we? People are always wanting to know what the new update on Instagram means. Be the person to let everyone know.
  6. Affordable Beauty Round-ups – 
    These are my guilty-pleasure reads. I love to know which affordable products bloggers are swearing by. Plus, I’m pretty sure every girl has searched Google for affordable products? This is a win-win post idea for me.
  7. Easy Step by Step Tutorials –
    I’ve never had the time to sit there and watch Vlogger tutorials. I much prefer quick step-by-step reads when I need something done. Surely, I can’t be the only one. Who wants to watch a video for 10 minutes when a blog post can show you in 30 seconds.

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